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The App catalog that invites you to browse the bathroom world

When you start the new application catalog  iPad screen is flooded with water in a curtain of tiny pearly drops. The catalog application, the shower and faucet specialist, can now be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes App Store. This application includes a surprising number of entertaining functions that allow the user to enjoy an interactive experience, and mark the difference between the application and a conventional online catalog. Likewise, the numerous elements and videos contained in the catalog invite the discovery and reveal the infinite possibilities that currently exist for the Different Types of Shower Heads Available for bathroom and kitchen.The main menu is divided into three main areas: shower, bathroom and kitchen. They are complemented with information on Hansgrohe, the company. Simply touch the screen with your finger to get the wide range of products offered by Hansgrohe, such as products related to the shower area: shower trays and shower heads, shower sets (shower + shower) or showerpipes (thermostat + Hand shower + fixed showerhead). For those who still think that a faucet is simply a faucet, the faucet area presents the wide variety of models available for sinks and kitchen sinks: award-winning designs, white and chrome finishes or rotating spouts.

IPad application from the Hansgrohe catalog.
Avantgarde, Modern and Classic: three Hansgrohe styles with a coherent language of their own design, which contribute to planning a truly elegant bathroom. Another tool of great utility is the configurator, which allows visualizing the effect of the faucet in combination with some types of ceramics. The application also includes a fun element, which allows to extend the ‘ComfortZone’ or, what is the same, the space below the tap. The function is to modify the size of the faucet using two fingers until obtaining from the compact and compact model for a courtesy sink to the model for a large bowl.The catalog offers a very practical function for the user who wishes to find out the effect that Hansgrohe faucet would produce in the bathroom of your home: moving the camera icon to the product range automatically selects a product and then projecting it into bathroom. To do this, you must first choose the correct position in the shower, bath or sink, then shoot the camera and observe the surprising result. This virtual product testing tool offers real added benefits in bathroom planning.

The videos and animations that the application includes for each product show that in the Black Forest there are innovative inventors and engineers. For example, a short video on AirPower technology offers a cross-sectional image of a three-dimensional showerhead. It highlights with clarity the detail and precision with which the development of products in Hansgrohe takes place. To check the efficiency of AirPower technology that enriches the water with air is enough to blow through the microphone of the iPad and watch the appearance of a multitude of small voluminous and extremely soft drops.

A video shows how EcoSmart technology allows to reduce water consumption up to 60%, thus certifying the ecological aspect of Hansgrohe products. Also, interactive buttons show the user the power of the QuickClean function, designed to easily remove deposits of lime that accumulate in the showerhead or in the faucet spout. The application also includes several icons with information on the different types of jet streams. Areas of interest provide additional information, for example, on the material used in manufacturing.

Users have the ability to save their favorite products in an application notebook and share them with friends and family on Facebook or recommend them via email. Using a GPS signal, the shop finder locates the nearest specialist bathroom facility. The application also includes extensive information on Hansgrohe, the design awards obtained by the company and the reference projects that show the privileged places in which has been bet by the bathroom design.