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Steam broom against Mopcomparison

We help you choose well and quickly . Our quick readers typically roam our buying guide , before selecting the best steam mop according to their usage and budget. Good visit !

If the steam brush replaces an element of your daily life, it is the mop and its bucket. You know, here we are fans when technology makes things easier on a daily basis, but we want to make it clear what we are talking about when we say how the steam brush is a revolution in the domestic arts. So here is our comparative cleaning “traditional bucket and mop” vs. Cleaning “steam cleaner”!

Vs. Bucket + mop: Practicality

Clean the floors with the bucket and the mop represents work and can quickly become exhausting. The bucket filled with water is often heavy to wear and the mop must be continually soaked in water. In addition, the hot water bucket represents a significant hazard for small children or pet passing nearby.

Practicality: advantage steam mop

Vs. Bucket + Mop: Cost

It is clear that buying a steam cleaner at one time is a bigger expense than buying a bucket and a mop. However, buying and re-purchasing household products is expensive, while the steam brush does not use these relatively expensive products. Moreover, using a large quantity of hot water which contains cleaning chemicals on a fragile surface, such as on parquet for example, but also more simply on laminate or tiles can at least leave traces, and Worse to create deformations or cracks on these floors, which significantly accelerates their deterioration.

Cost: tied

Broom Steam vs. Mop … an uneven match?11

Vs. Bucket + mop: Efficiency

Let us not lie here: the mop is a secular tool, but relatively inefficient. Water used on soils is hot but not enough to kill germs and bacteria: it is possible that residues subside. After cleaning, the odor left by household chemicals may appear aggressive. Just replace your mop and bucket with a steam broom so that germs, bacteria, dirt and dust disappear without leaving traces.

Efficiency: advantage steam mop

What to remember?

Our comparison clearly highlights the two major advantages of the steam brush compared to the mop: practicality and efficiency. As for price, and contrary to appearances, our two solutions are valid if we count an average lifetime of 5 years. What is the result of all this?

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