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Samsung patents smartwatch that projects a virtual interface

Repeatedly we mentioned that you are uncomfortable navigating the small screens of smart watches, right? But luckily both small companies as giant companies in the industry have been suggesting solutions for it, and not enlarge the device.

Apparently Samsung has also been interested in presenting more innovative alternatives smartwatch that integrates a projector , according to a patent that has leaked.


The document mentions that this concept of intelligent clock is able to scan objects or areas around it and recognize its shape and then emanate a virtual interface on these surfaces, through small internal projectors .

According to the images included in the patent, the smartwatch could also project its interface on the arm or hand and even put virtual buttons, menus and keyboard on top. On the other hand, apparently it would also offer the possibility of deploying a virtual “desktop” on the wall and scanned drawings.


No matter how great it looks, we can not forget that this concept is one of a patent; Samsung has not announced the development of this project so we can not say that indeed see the light of day. Check it here fitpro.