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3D and 360ยบ virtual reality glasses for Kayak Athletes?

Every day we are more convinced that mobile phones, the least used to make calls. What we carry in the bag, in the backpack or in the pocket, is a PC, a game console, a camera … and I stop because the list is endless.

This last week, a device has fallen into our hands, which by itself lacks action and apparently also to think if it will be like those wooden swords that we used to play small, or like those pistols that we made with the cardboard The “Corn Flakes” (at least in my case it was).11

It turns out that there is a Spanish company that is manufacturing the aforementioned glasses, with certain similarities to those that the Google market itself with its C ardboard , but with some improvements . That company is Cartonglass and offer 3 different models of “glasses” depending on the type of user that we are and the experience of use that we want to have.The gadget in question, is nothing more or less than a virtual reality glasses, which consist (mainly) of two things: cardboard and a gum. Simple, right? Just add the functionality of our smartphone to convert that simple object into a 3D cinema, Futuroscope style in our neighboring France.

We tested them with the iPhone 5s device, only by downloading an application from the Apple Store. It is a fairly entertaining and sometimes quite real rollercoaster ride.Personally, I had to sit down to finish seeing it, because the feeling of vertigo you feel to blossom.

Our recommendation is to try it, it’s worth it. Many things can be done with a smartphone, except stamping a rubber stamp .What other applications has this other than the type of play? Of course, those focused on marketing campaigns, events, presentation of products and services at a distance. Let’s imagine that we want to promote a inflatable sea kayak descent for a group of 300 athletes. Well you do not have to move them to any river, it would be enough with 3oo glasses of virtual reality and a smartphone per person, so that they could check live (and without getting wet) like the experience of descending by a cannon at full speed.