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11 films on Virtual Reality

Reality has a well established limits that we have no one to accept, so it is logical that many feel an overwhelming passion for the virtual, since, provided that its creator has so fixed, there exists the possibility of virtually anything. The seventh art has addressed this many times and this time we intend to do a review of 11 films on Virtual Reality that reflect more or less everything achieved so far, so there ‘s room for both large works to others they are not so much. Check the movies below and watch onĀ PutlockerĀ .

‘Total’ (1990)

There are perhaps only remember the tape of Paul Verhoeven by seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger handing Bast on Mars after discovering what he believed was his life turns out to be a big lie. The point is that always flies over the question whether it was all a big lie and he was being manipulated vilely or if the contrary is all fruit of these virtual vacation, as everything fits inside them. Here the film is playful especially with regard to establishing the border between virtual reality -a horse between dreams and memory implantada- and authentic reality .

A final but necessary point, sure that many already know that ‘ Total Recall ‘ is an adaptation of a story by Philip K. Dick, so if you you stay wanting more, in ‘ Minority Report ‘ also use a technology akin to the topic at hand to interpret the predictions of crimes that have not happened yet. An important, but with a smaller presence in the film detail.

‘Strange Days’ (1995)

A view at all optimistic in the near future He debuted in 1995 and the action takes place during the last two days of 1999 in which the virtual reality is shown as a kind of addictive drug that lets you feel the experiences of others, which It causes the protagonist , played by Ralph Fiennes in one of his best characters to date- lose his job as a police officer and become a kind of camel memories .

Everything is complicated when one of those virtual experiences evidence of a crime appears, which allows Kathryn Bigelow delve into the physical and moral decadence of a society too close in time as to not see it as a logical evolution of the 1995. for now people have not declined much – just simply too forward in time -but its combination of science fiction, black film, thriller, action and even some touches of eroticism is the sea of interesting.

‘The Congress’ (2013)

Hollywood executives live determined to make the most of their stars, but in ‘Congress ‘ goes a step further by proposing that interpreters accept a golden retirement in exchange for ceding all image rights for the creation of a replica digital that the producer can use at will in few movies like. The blurred line between reality and fiction and is highlighted itself on the fact that Robin Wright life to a version of itself, but it is also the thing becomes even more complex when the leap to an animated virtual reality , delving into identity problems and more problems associated with certain technological advances.

By the way, if you are particularly interested in the topic of virtual reality applied to making films, I recommend you also keep an eye on ‘ S1m0ne ‘, in which the producer low hours played by Al Pacino deceives the world with the creation of a virtual actress to replace the star turn has abandoned the project at the last moment.

‘The Lawnmower Man’ (1992)

There are many film adaptations of novels or stories of Stephen King and that concerns us is not even remotely, among the best. However, it was an indisputable success led to a sequel as its director follow addressing virtual reality on the big screen with ‘ Virtuosity ‘, a flimsy action movie that only deserves to be remembered for being one of the first films in Hollywood a by then unknown Russell Crowe who gave life to a virtual villain.

Returning to ‘ The Lawnmower Man ‘, its visual effects caused a great impact at the time of its release and its story revolves around the progress that makes a scientist using a mechanism of virtual reality to increase the intelligence of apes .The question is who decides to take the plunge on their own risk and test it with people and chooses an intellectual disability for it. At first all goes well, but soon becomes violent and soon use their virtual skills to their advantage. As analternative, I propose ‘ Deadly Game ‘, where virtual reality is used for its protagonist assume the skin of a real murderer in a videogame.

‘The Connected World’ (1973)

A pioneer title but unknown and the only included in this list with television origins, since it was issued by the German channel as a miniseries of two episodes due to its long duration -over three hours of metraje-. Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and based on a novel by Daniel Galouye, tells the story of the creation of a virtual world inhabited by thousands of individuals -only one knows the situation, as it serves as a focal point for scientists temporarily come to investigate there- where everything moves faster than in real life, which can make quite accurate predictions about what might happen.

‘EXistenZ’ (1999)

David Conenberg a director has always been very interested in the relationship between people and technology, having already made with ‘Videodrome’ a masterpiece with certain points in common with the subject at hand. However, it was with ‘ eXistenZ ‘ when he took the idea of a video game in which players come to participate in the same without the ability to distinguish what is real and what is a mere fantasy to talk about our need to create other realities abandon our monotony and including a strong metaphorical presence of sex.

The virtual world represents the desired freedom that is associated inevitably some dangers that must be addressed without the guarantee that go to overcome them and move on, something that does offer you the routine and boring reality .

‘Gamer’ (2009)

I thought it appropriate to include ‘ Gamer ‘ example as a representation of a purely commercial production in which the use of virtual reality does not cease to be a mere luxury setting for action and a way to justify a bit “peculiar” scenes – the dance that marks the villain played by Michael C. Hall is that you make and never olvidas-.

This time, virtual reality takes the form of a video game in which prisoners are controlled by players with the promise that they be released if they can survive 30 bouts . A premise with many possibilities to influence what the boundaries between virtual reality and real reality, but everything ends up reduced to a hobby of action more or less bearable in the interest of the public in such stories.

‘Ghost in the Shell’ (1995)

Although Mamoru Oshii addressed virtual reality more directly through video games ‘ Avalon ‘, it has been impossible for me anteponerla to ‘ Ghost in Shell ‘, one of the works of science fiction most influential in recent decades that proposed ability to implement the essence of people in cybernetic bodies though the thing is even more complicated in its sequel, as people have come to lose the perception of its true origin-which gives rise to humanity lives in a virtual world with an iron fist guarded by police.

As you know those who already have seen, the plot does not take in a lot more complicated with the appearance of the mysterious hacker who gets implanted memories of others in people with ease, something that on paper sounds much simpler than it is in reality in this demanding reflection on the essence of the human being which is still taking new audiovisual proposals. .

‘Matrix’ (1999)

Is it really necessary to say something about the adventures of Neo, Morpheus and Trinity to overthrow Matrix and the virtual world in which almost all of humanity is locked without being knowledgeable about your situation? It is true that there are some action scenes that have not aged all that well though partly it is because other copy devoted to the Wachowski bad way-, but still a top – notch entertainment with a very interesting reflective load then they tried to expand its aftermath with little luck.

By the way, Keanu Reeves had already made his first steps in relation to virtual reality years ago in the poor ‘ Johnny Mnemonic ‘ and Alex Proyas took the lead bit by the Wachowski with the excellent ‘ Dark City ‘, a title that I finally decided not included in this selection because it would be wrong to consider that addresses the issue by lot to keep striking similarities with ‘Matrix’ . Finally and although I do not like it too, I recommend taking a look at ‘ Level 13 ‘, a title that came at thewrong time and ended up failing by noise by the inevitable comparisons with injustas- though you now occupy us.

‘Brainstorm’ (1983)

A notable commercial failure that helped tardase in Hollywood a few years to resume the theme of virtual reality. As in ‘Strange Days’ technological leadership belongs to a machine that lets you record your memories for another feel them as their own s, but here their presence is not an excuse to create an investigation, but the catalyst limits this advance -what would happen if someone just recorded when he is about to die – and the dangers associated with modification for use with military purposes . In addition, there are few who say that are those moments when reality is shown directly are the most powerful of ‘ Brainstorm ‘.

‘Tron’ (1982)

A commercial disappointment He expected much more from her, although it was not the failure that many say- that eventually became a cult film, which led to a late sequel that ended not responding to high economic expectations that Disney had deposited in ‘ Tron ‘. An advanced aesthetic proposal for the time when a programmer is absorbed by a virtual universe in part inspired by his own designs and where its inhabitants are representations of various programs that will have to fight if you want to stay alive, get recognition for their work and, above all, back to reality.