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Virtual Reference Desk Conference 2004:
Save the Dates!

The Virtual Reference Desk is pleased to announce that its 6th annual reference conference will be held on November 8-9, 2004 in Cincinnati, Ohio. We hope to see you there!

Information At A Glance:
VRD 2004 Conference
November 8-9, 2004
Hilton Netherland Hotel
Cincinnati, Ohio

Pre-conference: November 7, 2004
Postconference: November 10, 2004

The Hilton Netherland is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This downtown Cincinnati Art Deco landmark is across from Fountain Square and is within walking distance to Cincinnati's Backstage Entertainment District, with stadiums, music, and theatres.

The VRD 2004 Conference is presented by the Virtual Reference Desk, a project of the U.S. Department of Education, and operated by the Information Institute of Syracuse at Syracuse University. The conference is sponsored by OCLC Member Services Division, ALA's Reference and User Services Association, and Syracuse University's School of Information Studies.


Steam broom against Mopcomparison

We help you choose well and quickly . Our quick readers typically roam our buying guide , before selecting the best steam mop according to their usage and budget. Good visit !

If the steam brush replaces an element of your daily life, it is the mop and its bucket. You know, here we are fans when technology makes things easier on a daily basis, but we want to make it clear what we are talking about when we say how the steam brush is a revolution in the domestic arts. So here is our comparative cleaning “traditional bucket and mop” vs. Cleaning “steam cleaner”!

Vs. Bucket + mop: Practicality

Clean the floors with the bucket and the mop represents work and can quickly become exhausting. The bucket filled with water is often heavy to wear and the mop must be continually soaked in water. In addition, the hot water bucket represents a significant hazard for small children or pet passing nearby.

Practicality: advantage steam mop

Vs. Bucket + Mop: Cost

It is clear that buying a steam cleaner at one time is a bigger expense than buying a bucket and a mop. However, buying and re-purchasing household products is expensive, while the steam brush does not use these relatively expensive products. Moreover, using a large quantity of hot water which contains cleaning chemicals on a fragile surface, such as on parquet for example, but also more simply on laminate or tiles can at least leave traces, and Worse to create deformations or cracks on these floors, which significantly accelerates their deterioration.

Cost: tied

Broom Steam vs. Mop … an uneven match?11

Vs. Bucket + mop: Efficiency

Let us not lie here: the mop is a secular tool, but relatively inefficient. Water used on soils is hot but not enough to kill germs and bacteria: it is possible that residues subside. After cleaning, the odor left by household chemicals may appear aggressive. Just replace your mop and bucket with a steam broom so that germs, bacteria, dirt and dust disappear without leaving traces.

Efficiency: advantage steam mop

What to remember?

Our comparison clearly highlights the two major advantages of the steam brush compared to the mop: practicality and efficiency. As for price, and contrary to appearances, our two solutions are valid if we count an average lifetime of 5 years. What is the result of all this?

  • If you want the ultimate, you can throw on the Black & Decker FSMH1621 2 in 1 that will delight your interior
  • If you are more focused on the aspect of efficiency, take a look at our most powerful steam mop, the Black & Decker FSM1630 .
  • If you are more sensitive to price your cleaning solution, targeting the best steam mop price / quality, the Philips FC7025 / 01

The virtual image in the landscape


Infography is a very powerful tool for presentations of works and that helps enormously to explain to the observer an unrealized project.

It is a rather professional use resource, although it can be done in a greater or lesser degree of development by any landscape designer enthusiast who knows how to handle any of the computer programs that exist in the market. What is important to assimilate this type of images is that they must come as a result of a whole work process and not become a design tool. That is, infographics appear as a staging of an entire script written in advance; I remember the post about the importance of drawing by hand. Only then will we be sure to be developing a good project that works and meets the expectations sought, otherwise we would be only composing beautiful images without a marked course.

The infographics can have more or less level of realism and everything will depend on two things: The first, our expertise with computer systems and the second, the type of project and what we want to convey with the images. When it comes to small interventions, very realistic images are very impressive showing up to the varieties of each plant, the planters to be placed or the type of tile for the floors. In the case of major interventions, where the organization scheme is much more important, even entering the field of urban intervention, it will be more interesting to move between abstraction and insinuation, so as not to divert attention with accessory elements of That we truly want to tell. It is clear that the combination of more generalist images, with less detail, with others showing more specific areas with greater degree of development, would be ideal. Everything will depend on the time we have and the type of project, since these types of images are not always necessary or at all times it will be profitable to make them.

Here are some examples from the study. The one that heads the article is the typical image of great intervention of architecture contest, where the important message to be transmitted on the green zones is its traced in interlaced ramps and descending platforms until the pier, as well as its continuity by the terraces of the buildings , You can visit this website for more examples.,In the same way that it insinuates its dialogue with the environment and the way in which the whole lot is naturalized.  The approach is the virtual model, where the transcendent is emphasized and everything that is left in the background is diluted. Observe how the city surrounding the site is translucent, since it must be present in the snapshot as part of that space, but not detract from the scope of action.

Another image for great intervention, but in this case with more detail of development in gardening is as follows. In this case it was a contest to regenerate 4Ha in San Francisco (California), where it was intended to eliminate part of a raised highway that crossed the city. It was necessary to convey the idea of naturalization of the surroundings and the large garden path that ran through the zig-zag roofs of the buildings, and in this way we opted for very shocking images that transmitted the feeling of being in the countryside in the city.

Contest Reimagine, Reconnect, Restore. 2013, San Francisco, California, USA. Team: Ángel Méndez Suárez / Mª Carmen Pérez Castallanos

This other image, corresponding with a small intervention, seeks in realism to transmit to the property the sensations that can enjoy with the construction of its new pergola. Depending on the cases, it can be interesting to even give transparency to people, effects of movement and blur or simply turn them into white or black silhouettes that give all protagonism to the action.

Electronic technologies applied to induction cooking

Induction heating is based on the fact that certain materials, when subjected to electromagnetic fields, absorb part of the energy by transforming it into heat. These materials are usually metallic and must have any of the following properties:

  • Good electrical conductivity, which allows the internal circulation of the so-called induced currents or Foucault (also known as “eddy currents”).
  • Ferromagnetism, thanks to which the phenomenon of the so-called magnetic hysteresis occurs.

Both phenomena allow the transformation of the energy of the electromagnetic field into heat generated internally in the material. The required electromagnetic field is created by means of a medium / high frequency current source constituted by electronic components and an inductor system.

Induction heating is used in numerous industrial metal processes (preheating and extrusion heating, casting, welding, etc.).

The emergence of modern power semiconductor electronic devices ( BJTs, MOSFETs and IGBTs ) enabled the cheapening of induction heating systems and the subsequent introduction in the consumer market. Its application to induction cookers has a history in the 70’s, with developments and patents in the United States and Japan. The introduction in Europe occurred in the 1980s.

Due to the huge market for domestic cooking, induction cooking has aroused great interest as a substitute product for glass ceramic surface cookers, please refere to http://www.cocina-espanola.es/freidora-sin-aceite/. For this reason, some research groups work in coordination with electrical appliance companies to achieve more reliable, more economical systems, with less restrictions on use and installation and with higher performance.

Despite the time that has elapsed since the appearance of the first induction cookers, these have not had a significant presence in the market. Among the main reasons is the high initial price (between two and three times the price of a conventional kitchen) and the consideration of experimental application and still not well established that has among many potential users.

This trend is currently changing, so that all major groups of household appliances have in their catalogs domestic induction cookers, either with their own developments (figure 1) or through technology transfer markets. The greater supply has brought competition and with it a reduction prices and more information to the consumer, resulting in an increase in market share.

Induction Plates

Induction cooking appliances are called home cooking appliances that use magnetic induction as a means of generating heat in a container of metallic material, usually ferromagnetic.

Kitchens or induction hobs require the use of high performance power electronic circuits (Figure 2) operating at frequencies in the range of 20 to 100 kHz, providing power outputs of more than 3 kW with high performance. The control of these power amplifiers and controls the device is done through digital electronic systems using microprocessors and application specific integrated circuits ( ASICs ).

Figure 3 shows the very simplified basic structure of an induction cooker. A vessel is induction heated by the generation of an electromagnetic field by a spiral flat inductor separated from the vessel by a ceramic glass. The power of the inductor is made by means of an electronic system of power controlled by the user through the controls to the effect. There are different types of controls, from the traditional rotary to the most recent digital “touch control” type.

Although outwardly very similar, the differences between a conventional glass ceramic plate and an induction plate are very important. As shown in Figure 4, in a conventional glass ceramic the heat is generated in a resistive element of the apparatus and is subsequently transmitted to the vessel. However, in an induction hob, what is transmitted is the magnetic field and the heat is generated internally in the vessel itself.

Characteristics of induction

Induction cooking has many advantages compared to traditional systems. The following differential characteristics are noteworthy.

  • Quickly heating . Heat production in the material itself results in faster heating than in other systems, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5. Comparison between different weather technologies to heat 1.5 liters of water from 20 to 95º.

  • Increased security . The risk of burns is reduced due to the lower temperature of the cooking zone.
  • Ease of cleaning . The lower temperature of the cooking surface prevents the combustion of food residues (see figure 6), resulting in easier cleaning.

  • Greater energy efficiency . The absence of high temperature heat sources causes an increase in efficiency by reducing heat losses to the environment. Figure 7 presents the efficiency comparison between different cooking technologies.

  • Automatic detection of the container . The electronic system of induction plates incorporates the functionality of automatically detecting the vessel, avoiding unnecessary energy consumptions and adapting to the size of the vessel.

Research team

It is a mixed University-Company team, mainly addressing the research tasks from the University and the development tasks from the Company. At the University of Zaragoza, the team consists of seven professors, five of them doctors, and a variable number of research fellows, belonging to the Power Electronics Research Group, Department of Electronic Engineering and Communications. On behalf of the BSH Electrodomésticos Company, the team is made up of a variable number of engineers, two of them doctors, and support staff.

10 steps to switch to a virtual desktop infrastructure

Today the workplace is changing rapidly. More and more mobile way employees work, more than half (52%) of employees use three or more devices to work according Cisco- and many bring their own devices to the workplace (BYOD). This dynamic force has created challenges for IT related to data security and regulatory compliance, cost containment and management of images and terminals.

“There are solutions that help IT meet these challenges directly through virtualization end users’ desktops.Through them, organizations can move active desktop (OS, applications and data) to the data center, where IT staff can manage more safely and deliver it to end users across multiple devices and locations. This strategy can reduce operational costs, improve security and support mobile access and diversity of devices in the workplace, “said Norberto Ávila, senior systems engineer at VMware.

If you are thinking of implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the specialist recommended to consider the following tips:



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1. Analyze the roles and user requirements. For successful implementation, you need to create groups of users with models and similar requirements for desktop use. Among the considerations to be taken into account may include: Types of users (such as employees with specific tasks or intellectual employees), mobility requirements (no access, with mobile access and offline) and user requirements (desktop dedicated applications customized and installed by the user). This allows to determine the type of deposit desktop – that means dedicated or flotante-, how many deposits of virtual machines can create and if users connect to a virtual desktop, centralized alternative physical desktop or physical terminal that administered by these solutions. Do not forget to consider what to do to keep data users when they are not connected.

2. Evaluate application requirements. To optimize the desktop experience of end users, a full evaluation of all applications that run virtual desktops be performed. It is necessary to verify the number of licenses, when to renew and compatibility. If you are upgrading versions of operating systems, verify application compatibility or package them . It is also important to evaluate a strategy application virtualization , which can be the model of centralized management of applications (remote presentation, packaging, layers) as to manage any physical or virtual terminal as a generic device, simplifying management and operating system upgrade .

3. Evaluate the topology data . It should be understood clearly where files, folders, general configuration and customized users are in addition to append the geographical location of the origins of application data and plan how toallocate these items to the new environment. You may need to allow users toaccess files from remote locations, but these files should be centralized in one location. If the mobile access terminal services is used, it must decide whether it will continue to use in the virtual desktop environment.

4. Confirm that directory services are configured correctly and running. It should ensure that all domain controllers Active Directory replication are performing properly and to check whether the DNS and DHCP protocols are correctly configured, if they work and if they can be incorporated newly created desktops. In addition, you must have domain controllers in locations where employees log. For example, if your firewall software blocks Global Catalog and LDAP ports, administrators will have problems to configure user rights assignments. It must ensure that all necessary ports are open to work properly.

Having a VDI is a strategy that can reduce operational costs, improve security and support mobile access and diversity of devices in the workplace.

5. Evaluate the current infrastructure. It is necessary toreview the current configuration to determine which existing infrastructure can be leveraged and what may need to add to their new environment. We must also review and optimize the topology of the wide area network (WAN), the quality and class of service, display protocols, the geographical location of sites and remote access methods. It determines if a solution has virtual private network (VPN) and if multifactor authentication security hybrid is used.

6. Check security needs and compliance . Determine what policy requirements for authentication, data protection, compliance, archiving and retention are. For example, you have to find out if you are using a multifactor authentication such as smart cards or tokens to authenticate user access.Also, you can install and configure a server in the DMZ to allow external users to connect to desktops sheltered behind the corporate firewall.

7 . Set expectations with users . The successful implementation of VDI depends on employee satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to set user expectations in its implementation plan. You must be made key questions such as: What devices employees use? Will they need to print? Do users need to listen to or record audio files? You need to run a pilot virtualizationdesktop to gather information about performance requirements and employee satisfaction. This stage is extremely important to identify potential problems or bottlenecks that were not foreseen during the design and thus they can be overcome in a controlled environment, minimizing business impact. In this sense, some organizations have designed programs and internal marketing communication to help convey to the end user the benefits of these technologies and thus promote less resistance to change and contribute to a more transparent adoption.

8. Pay close attention to measuring the size of storage . Many projects fail VDI, perform poorly or are more expensive due to poor storage design. To measure the size of the storage, use the most accurate data that can be obtained about the requirements of current and future desktop , and compare them with the capabilities of their storage systems. By measuring the size of storage, consider both average working loads, such as peak loads. Measurement for average work load resulting in inadequate resources during peak times and this decreases the end – user performance.Manufacturers generally have service offerings that analyze in detail the consumption of hardware resources on physical desktops (CPU, memory and disk operations) and use the data collected to estimate more accurately the requirements infrastructure will the project. It is advisable to consider such offers to ensure project success.

9. Establish support requirements . Train all support personnel desks about changes in the pattern of it, to make clear the requirements that have virtual desktops. If done at the beginning of the implementation, can significantly increase the chances of success.

10. Evaluate the TCO and ROI . Desktop virtualization does not offer the same total cost of ownership (TCO) or the same return on investment (ROI)that virtualization server . You should be sure to set the right expectations and assess TCO and ROI correctly to reflect the advantages that this ability can offer your organization. For example, desktop virtualization can: Reduce support costs by 50% to centralize administration; allow the admission of up to 40% more than end users with the same IT staff; reducing network requirements through a more efficient use of bandwidth and extending refresh cycles pcs about 5 or 7 years.

11 films on Virtual Reality

Reality has a well established limits that we have no one to accept, so it is logical that many feel an overwhelming passion for the virtual, since, provided that its creator has so fixed, there exists the possibility of virtually anything. The seventh art has addressed this many times and this time we intend to do a review of 11 films on Virtual Reality that reflect more or less everything achieved so far, so there ‘s room for both large works to others they are not so much. Check the movies below and watch on Putlocker .

‘Total’ (1990)

There are perhaps only remember the tape of Paul Verhoeven by seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger handing Bast on Mars after discovering what he believed was his life turns out to be a big lie. The point is that always flies over the question whether it was all a big lie and he was being manipulated vilely or if the contrary is all fruit of these virtual vacation, as everything fits inside them. Here the film is playful especially with regard to establishing the border between virtual reality -a horse between dreams and memory implantada- and authentic reality .

A final but necessary point, sure that many already know that ‘ Total Recall ‘ is an adaptation of a story by Philip K. Dick, so if you you stay wanting more, in ‘ Minority Report ‘ also use a technology akin to the topic at hand to interpret the predictions of crimes that have not happened yet. An important, but with a smaller presence in the film detail.

‘Strange Days’ (1995)

A view at all optimistic in the near future He debuted in 1995 and the action takes place during the last two days of 1999 in which the virtual reality is shown as a kind of addictive drug that lets you feel the experiences of others, which It causes the protagonist , played by Ralph Fiennes in one of his best characters to date- lose his job as a police officer and become a kind of camel memories .

Everything is complicated when one of those virtual experiences evidence of a crime appears, which allows Kathryn Bigelow delve into the physical and moral decadence of a society too close in time as to not see it as a logical evolution of the 1995. for now people have not declined much – just simply too forward in time -but its combination of science fiction, black film, thriller, action and even some touches of eroticism is the sea of interesting.

‘The Congress’ (2013)

Hollywood executives live determined to make the most of their stars, but in ‘Congress ‘ goes a step further by proposing that interpreters accept a golden retirement in exchange for ceding all image rights for the creation of a replica digital that the producer can use at will in few movies like. The blurred line between reality and fiction and is highlighted itself on the fact that Robin Wright life to a version of itself, but it is also the thing becomes even more complex when the leap to an animated virtual reality , delving into identity problems and more problems associated with certain technological advances.

By the way, if you are particularly interested in the topic of virtual reality applied to making films, I recommend you also keep an eye on ‘ S1m0ne ‘, in which the producer low hours played by Al Pacino deceives the world with the creation of a virtual actress to replace the star turn has abandoned the project at the last moment.

‘The Lawnmower Man’ (1992)

There are many film adaptations of novels or stories of Stephen King and that concerns us is not even remotely, among the best. However, it was an indisputable success led to a sequel as its director follow addressing virtual reality on the big screen with ‘ Virtuosity ‘, a flimsy action movie that only deserves to be remembered for being one of the first films in Hollywood a by then unknown Russell Crowe who gave life to a virtual villain.

Returning to ‘ The Lawnmower Man ‘, its visual effects caused a great impact at the time of its release and its story revolves around the progress that makes a scientist using a mechanism of virtual reality to increase the intelligence of apes .The question is who decides to take the plunge on their own risk and test it with people and chooses an intellectual disability for it. At first all goes well, but soon becomes violent and soon use their virtual skills to their advantage. As analternative, I propose ‘ Deadly Game ‘, where virtual reality is used for its protagonist assume the skin of a real murderer in a videogame.

‘The Connected World’ (1973)

A pioneer title but unknown and the only included in this list with television origins, since it was issued by the German channel as a miniseries of two episodes due to its long duration -over three hours of metraje-. Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and based on a novel by Daniel Galouye, tells the story of the creation of a virtual world inhabited by thousands of individuals -only one knows the situation, as it serves as a focal point for scientists temporarily come to investigate there- where everything moves faster than in real life, which can make quite accurate predictions about what might happen.

‘EXistenZ’ (1999)

David Conenberg a director has always been very interested in the relationship between people and technology, having already made with ‘Videodrome’ a masterpiece with certain points in common with the subject at hand. However, it was with ‘ eXistenZ ‘ when he took the idea of a video game in which players come to participate in the same without the ability to distinguish what is real and what is a mere fantasy to talk about our need to create other realities abandon our monotony and including a strong metaphorical presence of sex.

The virtual world represents the desired freedom that is associated inevitably some dangers that must be addressed without the guarantee that go to overcome them and move on, something that does offer you the routine and boring reality .

‘Gamer’ (2009)

I thought it appropriate to include ‘ Gamer ‘ example as a representation of a purely commercial production in which the use of virtual reality does not cease to be a mere luxury setting for action and a way to justify a bit “peculiar” scenes – the dance that marks the villain played by Michael C. Hall is that you make and never olvidas-.

This time, virtual reality takes the form of a video game in which prisoners are controlled by players with the promise that they be released if they can survive 30 bouts . A premise with many possibilities to influence what the boundaries between virtual reality and real reality, but everything ends up reduced to a hobby of action more or less bearable in the interest of the public in such stories.

‘Ghost in the Shell’ (1995)

Although Mamoru Oshii addressed virtual reality more directly through video games ‘ Avalon ‘, it has been impossible for me anteponerla to ‘ Ghost in Shell ‘, one of the works of science fiction most influential in recent decades that proposed ability to implement the essence of people in cybernetic bodies though the thing is even more complicated in its sequel, as people have come to lose the perception of its true origin-which gives rise to humanity lives in a virtual world with an iron fist guarded by police.

As you know those who already have seen, the plot does not take in a lot more complicated with the appearance of the mysterious hacker who gets implanted memories of others in people with ease, something that on paper sounds much simpler than it is in reality in this demanding reflection on the essence of the human being which is still taking new audiovisual proposals. .

‘Matrix’ (1999)

Is it really necessary to say something about the adventures of Neo, Morpheus and Trinity to overthrow Matrix and the virtual world in which almost all of humanity is locked without being knowledgeable about your situation? It is true that there are some action scenes that have not aged all that well though partly it is because other copy devoted to the Wachowski bad way-, but still a top – notch entertainment with a very interesting reflective load then they tried to expand its aftermath with little luck.

By the way, Keanu Reeves had already made his first steps in relation to virtual reality years ago in the poor ‘ Johnny Mnemonic ‘ and Alex Proyas took the lead bit by the Wachowski with the excellent ‘ Dark City ‘, a title that I finally decided not included in this selection because it would be wrong to consider that addresses the issue by lot to keep striking similarities with ‘Matrix’ . Finally and although I do not like it too, I recommend taking a look at ‘ Level 13 ‘, a title that came at thewrong time and ended up failing by noise by the inevitable comparisons with injustas- though you now occupy us.

‘Brainstorm’ (1983)

A notable commercial failure that helped tardase in Hollywood a few years to resume the theme of virtual reality. As in ‘Strange Days’ technological leadership belongs to a machine that lets you record your memories for another feel them as their own s, but here their presence is not an excuse to create an investigation, but the catalyst limits this advance -what would happen if someone just recorded when he is about to die – and the dangers associated with modification for use with military purposes . In addition, there are few who say that are those moments when reality is shown directly are the most powerful of ‘ Brainstorm ‘.

‘Tron’ (1982)

A commercial disappointment He expected much more from her, although it was not the failure that many say- that eventually became a cult film, which led to a late sequel that ended not responding to high economic expectations that Disney had deposited in ‘ Tron ‘. An advanced aesthetic proposal for the time when a programmer is absorbed by a virtual universe in part inspired by his own designs and where its inhabitants are representations of various programs that will have to fight if you want to stay alive, get recognition for their work and, above all, back to reality.

Samsung patents smartwatch that projects a virtual interface

Repeatedly we mentioned that you are uncomfortable navigating the small screens of smart watches, right? But luckily both small companies as giant companies in the industry have been suggesting solutions for it, and not enlarge the device.

Apparently Samsung has also been interested in presenting more innovative alternatives smartwatch that integrates a projector , according to a patent that has leaked.


The document mentions that this concept of intelligent clock is able to scan objects or areas around it and recognize its shape and then emanate a virtual interface on these surfaces, through small internal projectors .

According to the images included in the patent, the smartwatch could also project its interface on the arm or hand and even put virtual buttons, menus and keyboard on top. On the other hand, apparently it would also offer the possibility of deploying a virtual “desktop” on the wall and scanned drawings.


No matter how great it looks, we can not forget that this concept is one of a patent; Samsung has not announced the development of this project so we can not say that indeed see the light of day. Check it here fitpro.

3 SEO points to make your store a reference

The internet is an ocean. Many information is entered daily in the virtual universe and the doubt that lingers is: how to find them? The most common answer: playing on Google As this practice also reflected in e-commerce.

So a SEO work (Search Engine Optimization) is so important. With the structure and the right investments in this marketing mode, the crawlers analyze the information in your online store , making it a reference in the organic searches.

This work depends on many aspects. But today we will talk only three points to make your store a reference in search engines:

Platform. Before placing your store in the air, choose a friendly platform, or give preference to the system that has structure for SEO: meta tags, friendly URLs and Sitemap generator. This composition certainly define the success of your e-commerce.

Content. This is certainly a key factor to increase not only the relevance but also the positioning of your store in search engines. So, create unique and original content. If necessary to hire an expert in writing to develop a unique content to your store because search engines direct users to sites that have greater value in their information.

Link building. This action it is a strategy that combines the maximum of links to a particular site, expanding your viewing. Thus, point quality links and relevance to pages of your online store. Make sure that the URL of your store have the ideal keywords.

When starting an e-commerce, SEO strategy is the most sought practice due to its high returns in the medium and long term. Therefore, review the points above, structure your e-commerce and bet on a good spread, with trained professionals to assist you in all processes. Visit seoheroesbangkok.com for more details.

Good sales!