How Much Should You Pay For Maid Services In Cleveland?


Like it or not, houses get dirty — that’s just the nature of homes, especially in a city such as Cleveland. But more and more people are becoming way too busy to find time to really clean up around their homes, whether it’s for weekend cleanings, for holidays and special occasions or when getting ready to move out into a new apartment.

During these moments, it might be worth your time to hire a professional house cleaning service. They’ll take the chore of cleaning up around your house off your hands and allow you to sit back and relax while you enjoy your new clean home. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cleaning services in Ohio — so how would you know which maid service in Cleveland would be the best value for money?

Every house and apartment is completely unique, and your final invoice will depend on your home and its condition. A 4 bedroom house will definitely take longer to clean than a 1-bedroom apartment, and the price will definitely reflect this fact. The size (and number) of your bathrooms and your kitchen is definitely another factor, since these two rooms take the longest to clean. Another thing companies consider as well is if you have pets or children living in the house. This could mean that your final bill could range anywhere between $150 to $400 — it’s a wide range, I know, but be honest about where your home falls within the spectrum and you’ll get a more accurate estimate from your maid company.

maid-serviceWhile some people choose to get a cleaning only for special occasions (having guests over for the holiday, for example), you might be one of those people who prefer to not do any cleaning yourself aside from the occasional tidying up. If this is you, then hiring maids to come over regularly is definitely for you. How much would this cost though? If your household haven’t had professional cleaning anytime within the last month, then don’t be surprised to find if the first visit costs more than subsequent cleanings. This is because with your initial session, additional work needs to be performed in order to get it to a certain standard — after that though, your home will only need maintenance cleanings for future sessions. Which is why whenever possible, you should subscribe to regular cleaning services as this certainly translates to money and effort saved on your part. Rates for regular cleanings will vary depending on how often you want your house to get cleaned — most companies offer weekly, biweekly or monthly packages. Expect this to range anywhere between $100 to $250 per cleaning session.

What services does your cleaning include? Typically, this includes dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing of floors, bathroom sinks, kitchen counter tops and the like. You’ll be hard pressed to find a cleaning company who will be willing to clean your dishes by hand — this is simply for your protection, because as careful as some cleaners are they certainly want to reduce the risk of breaking your stuff, so make sure that this is done before the maids arrive in your house. A company like Cardinal Maids charge extra for other services like cleaning inside your oven, inside your fridge, interior windows and inside your cabinets for an additional $20 each.

If ever you feel like your house needs to get tidied up, strongly consider hiring a house cleaning and maid service. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t have the time and energy to clean up their homes, but be as informed as you can so you won’t be surprised with your final invoice.

5 Things to Clean During Fall


We are all familiar with the annual ritual of spring cleaning and many of us will spend time giving our homes a good once over to make sure they are fresh for the summer months. Many people even hire a Vancouver house cleaning service that specializes in getting rid of all the dust and grime that has built up over the winter.

Spring isn’t the only time you should consider having a good tidy up though. Fall is also a good period to clean your home in preparation for the busy winter months, especially as most will likely be spending even more time indoors and out of the cold. With this in mind here are five cleaning tasks that should be taken care of during the autumn.

1. Clean the refrigerator

Over time even the best kept refrigerators accumulate grime from the various foods and liquids that are kept inside them. Fall is also the precursor to the holiday season, when people will often be keeping large amounts of food ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. As such, it is extremely important to give your fridge a proper clean before the winter arrives. Ideally the contents should be entirely emptied so that shelves and storage units can be removed and cleaned with an antibacterial liquid.

2. Clear the garage space

If you are lucky enough to have a garage it is a good idea to get the area cleared up and organised in preparation for the winter months. Traditional summer items, such as garden tools, should be moved around to make it easier to access items that are going to be of more use to you when it gets colder. An organised garage is also much easier to navigate so keep that in mind during the cleaning period.

7413134_orig3. Carpet cleaning

A dirty carpet can play host to all sorts of grime and bacteria. Even carpets that appear clean may be hiding some nasty little secrets that the vacuum isn’t quite able to extract. That’s why it is a good idea to properly clean the carpets before the winter really begins to kick in. Once the weather starts to become colder and wetter it will be much more difficult to get this job done, so aim for a later September to early-October finish.

4. Clean the little things

There are many devices that we use during the course of winter that gather dust during the summer. Humidifiers, for example, will really begin to see use when it gets a little bit colder but are in danger of shorting out if they are not cleaned regularly. Get the duster out and get into all those nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t normally notice to ensure that any electronic device you rely on during the winter will continue working at a high standard.

5. Clean and air the winter linens

Many people maintain different bedclothes for different periods of the year, especially those who live in areas that experience very warm summers and extremely cold winters. If you have winter linens these should be brought out of storage and cleaned in preparation for use in the coming months. Don’t leave it until the last minute to get everything ready for a good slumber.

These are just a few of the tasks that need to be completed to ensure your home is given a proper clean during the run up to winter. For those who don’t wish to do it themselves, our Burnaby house cleaning services can save you time and get your home ready for winter at a price that is affordable to you.